This section contains some material about the analysis of tecniques and tools used as forecasting systems to examine the trend market; the goal is to targhet in the best way our investments.

The tecnical analysis, having this goal, is considered nowadays an essential science, by all the most famous and winning traders on the market.

Analysis is very important both for people at the first experiences (in this way you can understand if you like this world) and for expert traders.

How does it work?

Analysis is based on past prices movements and it examine some repeting patterns that have many chances to propose themselves in future. We suggest to analyze carefully merits and defects of this complicate subject to peolple at the first experience. Obviously the only tecnical analysis is not enough for the elaboration of a winning investment: you also need a money management model.

on what is the technical analysis of trading based? A simple explanation

Tecnical analysis is based on two fondamental theories:

  • Changes in the financial markets are characterized by the relationship between buyers and sellers
  • Changes of prices are determined by operating situations that are repeated over time

We will publish some articles and pdf to guide you in the tecnical analysis of trading, during the time. Our advice is to read some professional books about this topic for a costant comparison with our articles.


Parabolic Stop and Reversal (Sar) refers to a trading system based on price and time. In the graphic aspect, it is represented by a succession of points above or below the prices, takes its name from the parabolic form that outlines in the graph. The succession of points of the Sar in the chart if it is built below prices means that it is in bullish trend, on the contrary if it is built above it is in bearish trend.

The Macd (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) is an indicator designed by Gerald Appel. This is a delayed indicator, convergence divergence of moving averages, as it is constructed with moving averages; for the same reason its use is more indicated in trend phases.

As part of our "study path", after addressing the main basic terms, today we will address a very important topic such as the analysis of trends in Forex market. As we did for the trends at home Trading, today we will deal with issues related to Forex indicators.

Visual Trader is a technical analysis software, which allows Direct traders to use real-time charts and trading systems. You can back test to see if the data of the indicators on the graph false alarms are or not, is active the alarm system: with which you can put alarms for all assets, the signaling arrives when the condition occurs.

We have seen how, in the field of technical analysis, it is also necessary to consider in depth the psychological aspect that in fact can influence the market even in a more than decisive way.



  • Trading Range: let's see it in detail.

    The trading range or lateral trend, is an area of the graph delimited at the bottom by a support line and at the top by a resistance line. If you look at a long-term chart, you can see that price movements alternate periods of trend, bullish or bearish, with others in which they fluctuate in a more or less large area.




Automatic trading: Are there any software available?

Automatic forex trading is defined as all actions typical of online trading performed using specific software. In most cases this software is used by experienced users or not beginners. The software serves primarily to perform several forex activities or other investment areas at the same time.


Call and put options: to earn even downward

Let's start immediately with a nice definition. In financial jargon, the option is an asymmetric derivative instrument which, in simple terms, translates into a contract with a non-binding clause to buy or sell the security on which the option has been subscribed. The security in question - which may be a share, a pair of currencies, a commodity or another financial product - is called an "underlying instrument" and can be subject to a call or put option (also known as a put and call option).

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