Swabbing on the web we are used to finding a lot of information about online trading. Demos, guides, tips, but also many platforms that offer the possibility to invest in the world of forex. Among all these, there is one that has revolutionized in a certain sense the way of trading, launching a very interesting novelty. We are talking about eToro, a broker that has become a leader in so-called social and copy trading.

Among the currency brokers and online CFDs, that is the Contracts for Difference, that can be found in the Internet network is certainly to be noted STO, a broker that gives its customers the opportunity to have different solutions for transactions in the financial markets and on a specialized forex platform. STO is the trade name of the largest group of AFX Markets Ltd and AFX Capital Markets Ltd which was founded in 2009 and started operating in 2010 by opening offices in many of the world's most famous financial centres such as Milan, London, Shanghai, Limassol and New York.

The trading platform for beginners and experts, under the name of cTrader, is inexorably becoming more and more famous in the world of trading and bitcoins that, today as today, is in continuous evolution. The platform we have been considering is one of the most striking examples of this steady growth. But why decide to rely on your own cTrader and not on any other platform? Let's see together what distinguishes it from all the others available on the market.

Have you ever heard of eToro? If you are interested in online trading, you can't help but know the broker who revolutionized the industry by introducing new features that the world of trading had never seen before! Together with other platforms, such as cTrader, for example, it is the safest and most complete.

Do you want to work in a complete trading environment that can meet all the needs of an investor? Since 2010, XTrade has become one of the leading suppliers of CFDs, Contracts for Difference, which allows anyone who wants to trade to invest in equities, Forex indices and commodities.

Binary options are one of the latest opportunities offered by the web to carry out financial speculations. The following is the communication of Consob cysec: Communication no. DTC/DIS/DIN/12055030 of 2-7-2012. After having explained to you what the options are (let's face it... deepening is necessary if you are looking for something more than a simple definition!), we are now going to present you some reviews on the various existing binary options platforms. There are many of them and they all have similar characteristics but different peculiarities. There are platforms that simplify the user's work and others that give the possibility to structure more complex strategies.

Binary options have become the most appropriate choice for financial investments, while until recently most speculators were focusing on traditional trading. OptionWeb is the first broker who decided to implement a different policy, if we want to revolutionary with regard to the world of binary options, in fact, the gains of OptionWeb do not derive from the losses of users, as often happens, but from the volume of trading carried out by its customers. This new approach has made the whole business structure of the broker was in favor of users, helping them to make profits, in short, OptionWeb has married the Win to Win formula, and the success of recent years has proved him right!

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In online trading, a rather profitable sector is represented by Forex trading (or currency market) where you do not trade shares, but through the so-called financial brokers you sell and buy currencies. Currency "crosses" are always in pairs: Us$/€, £/€, and so on.

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The world of trading and binary options is involving many people, thanks to an atmosphere characterized by curiosity, hope, competence and entrepreneurial spirit. Many people are starting whit on line trading because it is a new way to invest their own money in a truly fruitful business. The first step to start this adventure is to make a registration on a broker platform.



  • Trading 60 seconds, the importance of expiration!

    Expiry is one of the most important trading instruments that concerns binary options. Such an element, if used in the best way and with determined wisdom can lead to an increase in earnings not indifferent; through trading at 60 seconds for example, you can get an increase in profits much higher than other strategies because the shorter the expiration the more the gain is insured, considering the speed in doing the trading.

  • Bonus without deposit in Trading: How do you get it and with which Brokers?

    What does trading with bonus and no deposit means? Simple, some brokers (as well as some casinos for online players), not many to say the truth, but among the most important and reliable, at the time of registration offer traders a welcome bonus that can change from $25 to $100 with which they can use their platforms in demo mode without depositing any money, without risking anything but actually practice the use of the platform and understand the basics of binary trading.


  • Supports and Resistors: Blocks for Market Trends

    We have seen how, in the field of technical analysis, it is also necessary to consider in depth the psychological aspect that in fact can influence the market even in a more than decisive way.



How to trade online without stress? Our advice!

This short guide will quickly show you the advantages and disadvantages that a trader who wants to understand how to successfully invest in the forex market, or in binary options, must take into account.


Technique for Binary Options with 30 second expiry date

In this article I would like to talk about a very effective 30 second binary options trading technique. For this technique will be used simply tick charts and candle charts with a timeframe of 30 seconds. The indicators that we will need will be 3 moving averages of different colors that will be placed on the candle graph. The moving average at 3 periods will be blue, the one at 5 periods of fuchsia, the one at 14 periods of red.