Now very famous and used, everyone knows that bitcoin is an electronic type of currency that was conceived in 2009 by a developer who, to maintain his anonymity, presented himself to the world under a pseudonym: Satoshi Nakamoto. The bitcoin network gives the possibility to own and transfer a series of coins without, however, passing through a central institution but using a database located in the network, able to track transactions; also, through an encryption system is able to generate new coins. It is thanks to this type of digital currency that the practice of online trading is born, through platforms used as eToro and cTrader.

Even in the world of trading and online forex, you can rely on some specific automatisms to carry out certain transactions. This is auto-trading software (also called Robots) designed to perform some preset actions instead of the user, based on a strategy already implemented: you only need to install them on your PC and connect them to the platform you intend to use to trade. Often one is led to think that these tools that make trading automatic are intended for the beginners of the sector, rather we must consider them as aid for those who are more experienced.

If you've heard about robot forexes already but don't know exactly what they are, you're definitely in the right place

The technical analysis of forex and fundamental forex represent two distinct and distant currents of thought. We will now explain what this type of operation is and how it can interface with the fundamental study. We will also explain why they are both important for the success of an investment.

Joe Granville, has developed an indicator that relates volume to price variation, positive or negative, the On-Balance Volume (OBV). It is used in Technical Analysis to measure the flow of volumes, in the graph its line is visible together with the price line, in practice, when the closure exceeds the opening the OBV sum the volumes, and subtracts them when on the contrary, the closure is less than the opening.

Today we present a theory with which to put into practice some of the skills learned in our latest study. It should be remembered that the term Technical Analysis describes a study that analyses the variability of prices on the financial markets. This discipline is mainly based on the use of mathematical graphs and indicators; all to predict future price developments.

Forex is an alternative way to earn online and is certainly one of the alternatives to consider when looking for ways to round off your salary. Be careful though, because the risk of leakage is around the corner. That's why you need to have the right knowledge so that you don't get lost in the dark meanders of this market.

If you have decided to enter the world of forex, you have landed in the right place, because we have a very important advice to give you. That is, the forum.

Most Forex brokers offer those who subscribe to their mobile app services to operate with iPhone and Android Smartphones (as well as on tablets like iPad). Some are very popular among traders who do not have open accounts with brokers.  Other Forex apps allow free access to financial news, price quotations and charts, including the demo function that allows you to trade simulated.

In Forex, technical analysis of the correlations of the exchange rates of the currencies in which you intend to trade may increase the probability that the transaction is positive. To succeed on Forex, traders must respect the rule that both entry and exit from the market must always have technical origins.

EUR/USD, is the exchange rate between the Euro and the US Dollar, the currencies most traded in the Forex market. The US dollar represents 86.3% of all currency exchanges and is usually paired in different pairings with other world currencies.

In this job as in any other, practice is fundamental, but risking huge losses is not to anyone's liking, which is why it is very important to start with demos. Demo forex platforms are basically free, or in any case almost all major platforms often offer the possibility to test the portal for free before actually opening a full account. Some platforms make videos available to give the possibility to newbies in the industry to navigate easily with online forex from the first approach to the site.

Il trend nel forex è la direzione lungo la quale si muove il grafico delle quotazioni di una coppia di valute. se ci sono variazioni massimi e minimi crescenti dei prezzi, significa che sono sicuramente maggiori di quelli precedenti.

A necessary premise: one does not go anywhere without a careful analysis of the theory. That is why we will try to make a summary of the history of currencies. The date that you will have to print in your mind is 1875, the year in which the modern currency market was born, at the behest of the major world states. What happened? It was simply that the main Western countries decided that it was necessary to create a system of trade based on gold and silver. At that point, it was the gold that secured the national currencies.

The question that everyone asks themselves when they start investing in the financial markets is: What is the safest? The answer is obvious, namely the Foreign Exchange, better known as Forex, which deals with currency exchanges, that is, the purchase and sale of currencies from two different countries; it allows you to make a really interesting economic profit with few investment transactions.



  • Average True Range: What is it? What is it for?

    The market is dominated by two alternating trends: the bullish and bearish trends. For an analyst to be able to understand the market trend, and to be able to predict the next trend is fundamental but complicated. There are many indicators that, if used in the same way, can give concrete predictions about what is going to happen to the market. Predicting as truthful a forecast as possible is very important because it gives the possibility to significantly reduce the risk in investments.


  • Supports and Resistors: Blocks for Market Trends

    We have seen how, in the field of technical analysis, it is also necessary to consider in depth the psychological aspect that in fact can influence the market even in a more than decisive way.



Momentum Trading: How to take advantage of this indicator?

The Momentum is one of the simplest indicators to calculate, it indicates in advance if trend inversions occur. If the value is upwards or downwards, it means that the asset we are interested in analyzing goes through a moment of imbalance in both directions and approaches a particularly interesting event.


Technique with 30-minute expiry for binary options

In this technique with a 30-minute binary options maturity, the Bollinger Bands are used, an essential tool to understand whether the market is in the lateral phase or not.

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